Bożena Bednarek-Michalska (eng)

Bożena Bednarek-Michalska

She is employed at the Nicolaus Copernicus University Library in Torun since 1982 till now.


Google Scholar open profile:

ORCID iD 0000-0002-7573-0775



Professional background: She is the author of numerous articles on scientific information (see Google Scholar), Internet, evaluation of electronic resources, open access, e-learning, open data, copyright for librarians and other connected with librarian’s work, she was teaching courses on search strategies and quality of information, electronic databases, online catalogues, e-journals, digital libraries and other Internet aspects – the courses was given in the framework of Postgraduate Study in the Nicolaus Copernicus University.

She was also very often a trainer for librarians in Poland and abroad and took a part in many open education initiatives using new technology in teaching. She organizes conferences and seminars at Nicolaus Copernicus University in the framework of modern librarianship, technologies and new models of scientific communication and leads grants on the topics mentioned above. Since 2003 till 2018 (with a short break) she  deputy director of NCU Library responsible for innovation and information.

Until the 1998 to 2017 she was working as an Editor in Chief of Bulletin EBIB an open access journal and Electronic Library service for Polish librarians and until 2005 to 2012 was cooperated as an editor with the international E-LIS repository for librarians  She is also an coordinator of regional project – Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library She promotes open access among the Polish librarians society since 2001 toill now among other things by means of in EBIB and KOED (Open Education Coalition) portals.

Some projects she take a part:

  • 1989-2000 Participation in the international programme and on-line course of European Union for libraries DEDICATE, concerning the e-learning; has completed the Internet course on data search for students of physics at N. Copernicus University.
  • 2000-2005 Co-operation with the Bertelsmann Foundation from Germany – participation in Polish and German experts’ group: „Bertelsmann’s Projects in Poland”, implementing model library solutions in Poland: 1. BIBWEB – Internet course for librarians (e-learning); 2. Model libraries for young people – Wrocław and Olsztyn;
  • 2003-2017 Coordination of Regional Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library project.
  • 2005-2009 Editor in an international E-Lis repository for librarians
  • 2007-2010 The COMMUNIA Thematic Network on the Digital Public Domain.
  • 2010-2012 Coordination of institutional repository for NCU RUMAK:
  • 2010-2017 – Regional project eCulture; eCulture 2.0
  • 2015-2016 DARIAH-PL project. Member of the Polish Council of Consortium.

Some voluntary activities:

  • 2001- Member of Polish Librarians Association.
  • 2010 - Member of EBIB Association.
  • 2001- Activists of Open Access Movement.
  • 2004-2007 Member of Bibliotheca Baltica Board
  • 2006-2009 Member of digitalization advisory group of Ministry of Culture.
  • 2008- Member of Coalition for Open Education.
  • 2008-2014 EIFL, OA Programme coordinator for Poland 
  • 2010- Member of EBIB Association and vice-president of EBIB since 1998.
  • 2010-2013 A member of Interdisciplinary Working Group in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland.
  • 2015-2016 A member of Open Access Working Group in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland.
  • 2012–2014 Member of Board of SPARC EUROPE.

Private: She has a family, lives close Torun (center of Poland), on the village Pluskowęsy, in close proximity of a beautiful stretch of forest and lake. She is interested in jazz music, literature, political and economical issues, doe’s sports - biking and swimming and she is a total optimist.