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If you are looking for an article

  • Check which journal the article was published in. First consult the online Bibliography of Articles in Polish Journals that lists publications since 1996. Previous years bibliographies are available in our storages or open access collections (III floor) in the print version. Run a search to find a bibliographic description. Ask librarians for help if needed.
  • Once you have that, check if the journal is available at the NCU Library by searching the NCU Library Catalog or NCU Library Journal Card Catalog.
  • If you found a journal, you can order it into the reading rooms and copy it by yourself or ask our Digital Office for help:

If you are looking for a digital article

The basic tool for discovering the resources of the NCU Library is the search box located below and on the portal's home page. 

  • The Multi search allows you to search for electronic and traditional resources: database content, NCU Library Catalog, repository, digital library, etc.
  • The Online catalog allows you to search and order publications from the NCU Library Catalogue and access to the "My Account" option.
  • E-resources A-Z enable you to search for electronic periodicals and books subscribed to by the NCU (help).

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