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Project effects

Planned effects of the project:

  • permanent, free and open access to 43,000 digital documents that compose learning resources and give them a significant potential for reuse,
  • protection of historic heritage objects and securing them for the future,
  • raising the quality of remote education (e-learning, e-laboratories) and scientific work,
  • increasing information literacy, professional and technological competences,
  • increasing the tourist attractiveness of the region through access to its history,
  • promotion of science and research of the region in the field of history, education and pedagogy,
  • expanding the scope of services and increasing their quality through the use of free digital resources, eg. by the creators of new portals, media, service providers,
  • broadening the public domain and social awareness:
    • Publishing of digital files usually results in libraries' gifts in the form of printed books from publishers and private individuals.