Open collection

Part of library resources is available as the Open Access Collection on the second and third floor in the NCU Main Library building. Readers have free access to books and periodicals, and use of designated work tables.

The Open Access resources are divided into 13 subject collections embracing publications from all branches of knowledge but mainly source publications, academic handbooks, encyclopedias and dictionaries.

The collections are organized according to the systematic classification of the NCU Library. Each subject collection is divided into more specific topics. Each library item is marked with a call number that serves as the item's unique 'address' telling you where it is located in the library.

A call number consists of four parts:

1. The notation segment which indicates collections and their parts with sets of letters. A notation may be composed of one or two such sets separated by a dot. The first set indicates a branch of knowledge and the second is the so-called common subdivision, familiar to many branches.

  • Cr - history of Poland,
  • Cr.Fab - encyclopedias and dictionaries related to the history of Poland

2. The author segment which states author's last name and first name initial. Three asterisks (***) indicate multiple authors.

3. The title segment which gives the first three letters of the title.

4. The publication year segment which gives the year the item was published.

For example: James Jones, From here to eternity, New York 1951
Eibf.Gub.t/Jones, James/Fro/1951

Each book bears a color band indicating its collection and a white label with the item's call number. Call numbers are arranged alphabetically. Books with a red label cannot be borrowed.

At the end of each collection you will find periodicals relevant to the branch organized alphabetically.

The Open Access contains mostly books published after 1945 with a majority of those published after 2000.

In the NCU Library Catalog the details page of an open access item will list call numbers under Sygnatura and identify it as self-service by Samoobsługa.

In the open access floor, readers decide on their own which books they would like to borrow or read in the library. Please return books to book-carts found at each collection.

Subject librarians take care of the Open Access Collection. Their duties involve book selection, subject description, book classification and collection reference. A subject librarian will be happy to answer your questions. As well, you can ask your questions online.

There are three self-service photocopiers within the Open Access collection. You can also drop a request for photocopies with a subject librarian, in the Main Reading Room or in any of the Reading Rooms. In this case, you will be asked to fill out the order form. You can also take a copy of your private photo equipment, Polish law allows for fair use.