Lending desk

How to order and borrow a book?

To borrow a book from the NCU Library first determine its location by searching the Electronic Library Catalog and the Electronic Book Card Catalog.
Check status for availability:

  • Dostępne - indicates available;
  • Wypożyczony do 25-07-17 - indicates loan to June 25, 2013;
  • Podłącz się - indicates set in the queue;
  • Zamów - indicates order.

Books marked as BG, Magazyny require online ordering. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to process a request. Requests are taken Monday to Saturday in the Library opening hours. Books ordered online outside the opening hours are ready for pick up the following day at 10am (except Sundays).

Books found in the Digitized Book Card Catalog also require online ordering and are ready for pick up the following day at noon or next day. On the left side of the card you have the button Zamów, please push it to order the book, login into your account and fill the form, sent it to the storage with Dalej (next) than click OK and Zamknij (close) to finish.

Books stored in the Open Access area (second floor) cannot be ordered online. You need to find the book on a shelf in the relevant collection area and bring it to the Lending Desk on the first floor or to The Reading Room on the second floor. A librarian will check it out for you.

Books ordered from the storage will be held at the Lending Desk for three days.
Books ordered by reservation will be held for ten days at the Lending Desk.

How many books can I borrow?

  • NCU students and postgraduate students - - 15 volumes for 30 days;
  • NCU faculties and librarians - 50 volumes for 12 months;
  • PhD candidates - 30 volumes for 3 months;
  • other NCU staff - 5 volumes for 30 days;
  • students of the Academic Secondary School of Nicolaus Copernicus University - 5 volumes for 30 days;
  • retired NCU employees and Polish Academy of Sciences researchers - 5 volumes for 30 days;
  • NCU graduates - 3 volumes for 30 days;

How to renew a book?

You can renew your books online (6 times) provided there are no reservations. In case of difficulties with renewal please contact a Lending Desk librarian at: wypozyczalnia@bu.umk.pl

Book return

Please return your books at the Lending Desk. For books returned after their due date the system automatically generates a late fee of 0.30 PLN per day. Fines are collected at the Lending Desk.

Lost or damaged books

Borrowers are responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged library books. If replacement is impossible, borrowers are charged with replacement costs. Other replacements are considered on a case by case basis upon contact with the Manager of the Department of Acquisition and Collection Review by e-mail: Grzegorz.Szturo@bu.umk.pl or by phone (+ 48 56) 611 4214.