Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary Loan service will borrow materials for NCU students and employees from libraries across the globe. Interlibrary Loan accepts orders for:

  • materials from other Polish libraries,
  • materials from foreign libraries,
  • copies of articles from foreign periodicals via Subito service.

All materials brought to the NCU Library from other libraries are accessible only in the Main Reading Room. The loan period for materials borrowed from other libraries is set by the lending library. To place an order, state exact bibliographic citations and complete an Interlibrary Loan Order Form.

The Interlibrary Loan supplies materials to other libraries in Poland and abroad. The following materials cannot be ordered via the NCU Interlibrary Loan service: books published prior to 1959, items from the Special Holdings, rare items, items of great value, items deposited in the NCU Library, newspapers and magazines, reference or representative materials and items in poor condition.

Information for libraries in Poland and abroad

All requests should be made on IFLA forms, via an online request form or by e-mail (one request per e-mail please).

  • Loan period is 30 days.
  • Books should be returned by registered post and air-mailed from remote locations.

The ILL charge is one IFLA voucher for supplying one loan and 1/2 IFLA voucher for photocopies of up to 15 pages.