Music Collections

The Music Collection of the Universitas Nicolai Copernici Library currently maintains about 98 thousand items including score manuscripts, music old prints, vinyl records and a wide range of documents both sound and audiovisual. Manuscripts and old prints represent different kinds of music: religious, secular, instrumental and vocal coming from 16th to 21st century. The set of score items covers old prints published before 1800 and coming from Królewiec and Elbląg libraries as well as a unique of this sort in the world collection of polonaises and the first editions of works by Chopin. Moreover, there are 19th century historical and patriotic music prints and rare polonicas.

The German prints and score manuscripts from the 19th and early 20th century are also a valuable part of the collection, however they have not been a subject of scientific research so far. Apart from that the collection maintains scores by composers connected to Toruń and Pomerania region. The collection of records covers the oldest vinyl 20th century ones as well as the modern CDs and DVDs. The records represent music from different historical times and various interpretations by outstanding artists and bands Polish and foreign alike.


Music Collection card catalog