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Szymon Bojko, Polish-Americans and Polish Artists in Contemporary American Art.

The present study is intended to explore the state and scale of the contribution made to American art by artists of Polish origin (Polish-Americans) and Polish artists permanently residing in the United States. It is not a complete monograph since it lacks a prologue, that is, portraits of the first Polish immigrants who practiced the fine arts in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; many problems have been deliberately narrowed down or omitted. The facts, events, and characters presented here basically cover the period between the 1920s and midseventies.

In the chapter entitled "Portraits," the discussion of the careers of individual artists also includes notes on their most recent achievements which date from the early eighties. [...]

The first generation refers to those artists who were born in Polish territories in the Prussian, Austrian or Russian partition zones. The second represents artists born on American soil into families coming from Poland. The third encompasses the generation of American artists whose parents belonged to the category of Americans of Polish origin. The next group, namely immigrants as a result of the World War II, is composed of individuals who shared a similar fate: exile, participation in battles on different fronts and within different armies, prisoners-of-war and D.P. camps; there were more names in this group then those actually included in "Portraits." Finally, numerous examples of artistic biographies of peace-time immigrants emerged, covering a period up to the seventies. [...]


Artists: Tamara de Łempicka, Zygmunt Menkes, Theodore Roszak, Stanisław Szukalski, Jack Tworkov, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Brian Buczak, Emily Pinkowski, Richard Stankiewicz, Stanley Twardowicz, Nell Znamierowski, Joseph Jachna, James Juszczyk, Gerome Kamrowski, Terrence Karpowicz, Rita Kepner, Bill Komoski, Dennis Kowal, Thomas Nozkowski, Pat Oleszko, Edward Paschke, Frank Piątek, Steve Poleskie, Christine Rojek, Mel Someroski, Ted Victoria, Bronisław Bak, Anna Bialobroda, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Julian Stanczak, Wojciech Fangor, Ryszard Horowitz, Tadeusz Łapinski, Tadeusz Myslowski, Stanisław Zagorski.

CD-ROM version of book is available in The Archives of Polish Emigration.


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